Cowboy Campfire

Acoustic • Relaxed • Western Brings to mind images of cowboys sitting around a campfire at night, wiling away the dwindling hours before hittin’ the sack. The peaceful, lonely sound of the prairie. Guitars, fiddle, and acoustic bass. View...

Earth’s Coolest Individual

Jazzy • Acoustic • Easy With a laid back, devil-may-care attitude and a solid, mid-tempo bass-driven groove, this tune might make you feel like Earth’s coolest individual. Accents are provided by various hand percussion instruments. It stands to reason that...

Pickup Trucks n’ Boots

Twangy • Driving • Confident Slow, twangy, confident, head-bob inducing country rock groove. You might be not looking back at an explosion while listening to this. Or maybe just standing next to your truck, looking tough. View Details

The Road to Success

Inspiring • Optimistic • Anthemic This piece captures the feelings of pride, accomplishment and elation at the precipice of achieving one’s goals. A soaring melody, tight electric guitar harmonies, and a strong, steady pulse. Tears of joy. View...


Funky • Relaxed • Confident Get your strut going with this groove that is somehow both hard-driving and relaxed. Confident and chill. Strong and smooth. Oh, yeah. View Details