Do you need Stock Music?

Stock Music Collection for media producers, podcasters and YouTubers

Are you looking for stock music that was created with real instruments?

Looking for an organic sound, favoring purpose-recorded performances on real instruments over samples and loop libraries?

Trees and Steel offers stock music in a variety of styles including acoustic folk, country, jazz, and classical. Recordings feature guitars, bass guitar, string bass, and bowed string instruments.

Compositions include several custom edits in industry standard lengths, meaning they are easy to work with and you won’t have to stress about editing the length of the segments or speaking over the music.

Do you have a particular thing in mind? Please contact us via the form below and let’s talk!

Stock Music

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Custom Request

Questions about a track? Special requests for alternate versions? Ideas for tracks you’d like to hear? Want help creating a unique track for your project? Ask away!

Closeup of electrib guitar workings and strings