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About Trees & Steel

Like many musicians, I find myself engaged in a variety of musical pursuits. I am a composer, a performer, and a teacher. I have played bass in a wide variety of situations, from professional symphony orchestras to jazz trios to an alt-country band, among others. I have taught in private studio, public school, and visiting guest artist situations. And I have achieved some small renown as a composer of works for student string orchestra on an international scale.

With Trees And Steel Music, I have now also become a music publisher. Here I can connect more quickly and more directly with customers, making works available that may serve smaller niche markets than big publishers can afford to accommodate.

As CEO of my own publishing company, I also have the ability to give myself the creative freedom to take risks and expand in new areas than I might not be able to otherwise. In addition, while there is typically a span of 2-3 years or more from when a piece is completed to its publication date, with Trees and Steel I can write a piece and make it available for sale the same day.

I invite you to visit the String Orchestra Music or Stock Music page to delve more deeply into the area which most interests you. Whether you are a music educator or a media producer, I hope that you find what you are looking for. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me and I’l help you find the right music for your class or project!

About Tim Isham

Timothy J. Isham is a composer, double bassist, and music teacher living in the Rochester, NY area. He holds degrees in performance and composition from the Crane School of Music and Bowling Green State University. His works for student string orchestras are published and performed internationally. His performance credits include playing bass with professional orchestras, small jazz combos, and folk/country bands.

Learn more about Mr. Isham at his composer website.